Aluminium Composite Material

The Compound Aluminum Panels consists of two aluminum sheets and a low density polyethylene core, laminated through a sophisticated collage process involving chemical adhesives at elevated temperatures.

The painting process used is “Coil Coating”, one of the most modern for liquid paint application, the result is a product with high durability and excellent color uniformity, besides the beauty due to the wide range of colors and textures available.

ACM Bold can be used in a several variety of architectural and construction market applications. High strength with easy installation and maintenance, it is the ideal product to make your project creative and unique.

ACM Tipes

The Bold Company has two types of ACM, with the following features and applications:

– ACM Easybold is a full thickness 3mm sheet with polyester paint. Lightweight, flexible, easy-to-handle material, often is used internal environment and on small facades, giving designs modernity and beauty.

– ACM Engebold is a 4mm thick sheet with PVDF Kynar paint. Is a High-performance material to exterior coating, resistant and with U.V radiation protection, providing stability and color durability. Suitable for permanent works of architecture and construction.


  • pillars and rafters claddings
  • composition with frames and glass facades
  • internal and external walls claddings
  • visual communication
  • buildings retrofit
  • coverages and sunroom
  • balconies and closings
  • tunnels claddings
  • decoration of stands and showcase
  • billboards
  • signage for corporate image
  • vehicles, machines and equipaments claddings


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