About Bold

The sheet materials carrying the BOLD brand meet the most stringent international market standards, combining quality with strength. By choosing BOLD, you will have a committed company and a well-trained team that serves the entire national territory with guaranteed agility and safety.
Our sheet materials have excellent light transmittance, laser cut quality and a differentiated film that reinforces scratch protection. In addition, we have partnerships with carriers in all Brazilian regions, our own Distribution Centers, in Diadema-SP, São José do Rio Preto-SP, Belo Horizonte-MG, Curitiba-PR, Bogotá-CO and our headquarters in Jaraguá do Sul – SC.

A good first impression starts at home.

We work with the best raw materials and the most advanced production processes in the market. We supply acrylic, polycarbonate, ACM, PETG, PVC, polystyrene sheets and engineering plastics; offering innovation, reliability, quality and above all fast and efficient solutions. Recently, we also started delivering products made from our sheets – everything you need in the visual communication, industrial parts and building materials segments.

The world inspires us.

Here tradition, transparency and innovation come together to form incredible pieces that conquer for beauty and practicality, making Bold a reference in the market.



We are driven by the desire for continuous and sustainable GROWTH.


We seek to be a national reference in the segments Industrial, Construction and Visual Mershandising, GROWING with simplicity, agility and good relationship.

Our GROWTH will take place nationally and internationally by increasing the market and opening new branches, focused on adding value through complementary services to resale items.


First, we respect God, in all its denominations, and FAMILY as the basis of society;
We dream BIG. We have an aversion to: “It is impossible or not possible”;
The WORLD inspires us;
PEOPLE are our biggest ASSET. We reward our “HOUSE SILVER”, providing them with growth opportunities through their own merits;
We SERVE the CUSTOMER with joy, humbleness and flexibility, aiming to be a reference in the relationship with him;
We are a company formed by OWNERS. OWNERS assume their results;
Leadership by EXAMPLE. We do what we say;
We are FAST and effective. We do MORE with less;
We are always TRUE and OBJECTIVE. We don’t need gimmicks to get or explain something;
We are cost-saving, seeking more resources to support our GROWTH in a sustainable and profitable manner.


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